Team Phototography

Team/Individual sport photography
What do I plan on doing for them.
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Sports are a big part of most schools! Let me Capture your child or the whole team in a way so that when you look back you will be just as excited as the day the photos were taken!

I am advancing my photography to do not just your normal photos. Don't get me wrong, the safe photos will be taken, just after those is where the fun can begin!

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Grades up to high school will normally have time for 3/4 shots, Coaches, and  team photos. Depending on time there may be room for a parent photo or two.

For high school, normally the Freshman team get just the basic shots (waist up and team shot), J.V. will get that plus full body shots and additional pose or two. Varsity would get all that plus the more fun photo poses with additional lighting and hopefully some fog. All digital files are included as free downloads off my website as a gallery link will be provided to the team contact.

After Team photos are done we can check my availability to come shoot some of your home games for an added cost to get great action shots for the parents to keep for memories!

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